Yeah baby! I’m on TV Cogeco’s Local Matters.

Brenda St. Louis & Melissa Yi, post TV Cogeco interview

Interviewer Brenda St. Louis and I, both wearing cut-out sleeves. What are the chances we’d be fashion twins?

It’ll air today at 9:30 a.m. (ahem), 17:30 & 1800 before it gets bumped for the year in review. Edit: I got the YouTube link, with thanks to Gabriel Riviere-Reid:

Super thanks to Phil Legroulx for taping it and Melissa Branchaud for watching it!

TV Cogeco Stockholm highlighted

Just in case any TV Cogeco cool people click on by, here’s the Kobo promo code again, with help using the code here:
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With thanks to Dr. Raji Menon for introducing me to Brenda and therefore to Cogeco.