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I’m an emergency doctor.

I work ten to fourteen-hour shifts, 24/7, at two different hospitals. I used to work in two different provinces, Ontario and Quebec, but the licensing fees got to be too much. Also, as I mentioned in the Hope Sze series once or twice, the state of the Quebec medicine can be, ah, challenging.

If you’re looking for one of those rare and precious things, a family medicine doctor, try Health Care Connect. Good luck.



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I’m a writer.

I write about whatever strikes my fancy. Medicine-wise, I write everything from medical mysteries and articles for the Medical Post. But for fiction, I write everything from picture books to romance to suspense. From werewolves to baby books. That’s me.



I’m weird.

I used to think I was normal because, well, I’m used to myself. My friend Yasmin said, “You are many things, but you are not normal.” Here are a few things I love: my family. Eating (quality and quantity). Yoga. Travelling. Reading. Justice. Fringe festivals. The Earth. Yup, gotta love planet earth. So my blog is about all and none of these things.