My yoga murder story, published in December’s Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. “Melissa Yi’s darkly comic ‘Om’ is centered around a yoga retreat on an urban yacht.”

Sharp Teeth

In Ricepaper Magazine, “Teenage angst meets Chinese legend in this hilarious piece. I love how the writer balances the apathetic voice of the teenage protagonist and the cautionary voice of the protagonist’s mother, who is narrating a classic tale of deception. The result is a witty and original dialogue with a fantastical undercurrent.” —Prism Magazine, Our Favourite Lit Mag Writing of Fall 2014. Eligible for the Aurora Award.

Golden Fish, Golden Slippers

Also in Ricepaper Magazine, Cinderella in ancient China. Where glass slippers are made out of gold, and a fairy godmother swims out of a river. Eligible for the Aurora Award.


Have you ever hated your mother? She does. A short and terrible tale in less than 500 words, in Fiction River Special Edition: Crime. Ellery Queen’s reviewer says, “A sampling of the other contents, including experimental short-shorts by Melissa Yi and M. Elizabeth Castle and a clever turn on the greedy-relatives-want-inheritance bit by Kate Wilhelm, suggest high quality throughout.”

A Quest for the Vulture Gods

Twin warrior princesses on a quest to save their unborn brother’s life. At Crossed Genres Magazine.

Waiting for Jenny Rex

Boy meets girl. Only the girl is an anorexic zombie. Honorable Mention, Year’s Best Science Fiction. Reprinted in Dead North; available as an individual e-book.

Bread, Ashtrays, and the Psychic

The pain and pleasure of ESP. Winner of the Cornwall Writing Contest. Published in Chrysalis Magazine.

Super Deluxe

A woman has everything she needs: the super deluxe husband, the house, the feng shui. Everything except a baby. And then she comes across a leprechaun’s gold. Published in Buzzy Mag.