Daytime Ottawa’s Roula Thomas, Dylan Black, me, and The Emergency Doctor’s Guide to a Pain-Free Back!


Mike Thompson, star of the Ottawa Little Theatre’s The Mouse House, demonstrates “I Am Not Worthy,” one of my back pain poses–and one he uses before every performance.

I appeared on Rogers TV’s Daytime Ottawa for The Emergency Doctor’s Guide to a Pain-Free Back! Yay!

Subscribers can tune in here. They’re also giving away a free copy, so contact the producer, Danielle [dot] Allard [at], if you’d like to win.

My co-stars included the Ottawa Little Theatre, Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue, and experts on babywearing contrabend cigarettes. I feel like I have a connection to all of these.

  1. I have a lot of respect for theatre–the thrill of the words, the flair of the actors, the mastermind of the director. Plus, Mike used to be a paramedic in Edmonton! Good reason to go see The Mouse House.

I bought this silk sling for Max. I have no idea where it is now.


Matt preferred the baby Bjorn. See the books behind them? I’m on my way to the Brantford Library to speak about Stockholm Syndrome: Lessons Learned in Hostage Taking. Yay, libraries!

2. We used to wear our babies all the time. It’s just a great way to keep your hands free while you’ve got an infant.

Débora Rodrigues was speaking for the Babywearing in Canada conference. I know my friend Dr. Mai-Anh LeVan is also a strong advocate for safe babywearing.

3. I don’t have a cute picture of contraband cigarettes, but I treat smokers (and families of smokers) all the time. You can watch their Rogers segment here.


Me and Anastasia. With baby-wrapping help from Genevieve, who is one of Anastasia’s godmothers.


For Anastasia’s baby naming ceremony, we had freezing rain and everyone was too afraid to drive–except our neighbour Eleanor and Matt’s parents friends, Maureen and Willie.


This is a kitten Matt rescued when he was walking Olo and heard some mewing. He figured she was very small because she could hardly walk. I named her Hilo, after a Hawaiian city, and also because then I could say Hilo Kitty. Please feel free to contact the Ontario SPCA or Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue!

4. IMG_2711We’ve always adopted our dogs through the SPCA. I still miss Olo, our first dog. Absolutely trustworthy, loyal, funny, and quiet. He died of metastatic cancer when he was barely five years old.