In 2018, British author and editor Bridget Lawless founded a prize for excellence in thrillers that do not portray violence against women.

In 2020, I have been longlisted for the Staunch Prize for short fiction for my story, “My Two-Legs.”

The heroine of my story is a golden retriever named Star who’s locked in a car when her owner (her “two-legs”) disappears. I enjoyed the challenge of a protagonist who couldn’t talk and who has no opposable thumbs, trying to escape a car, find her “two-legs,” and figure out who tried to kill him.

It’s a huge honour for me to join the long list of authors, chosen from hundreds of submissions around the world.

I believe in a prize that aims for a better world, namely a world that doesn’t rely on female victims for entertainment. You can still write those stories, as I have myself, but I’m fiercely glad there is a prize for those of us who choose to avoid it.

I spoke in favour of the prize on CBC Radio’s The Current in 2018.

Now I’m thrilled to join the ranks of Staunch’s longlisted authors:

Short Story Longlist

     Dalia Dehnavi  –  Anything In This Country

     Malia Márquez  –  A House So Beautiful

     Neal Amandus Gellaco  –  The Mechanic

     Raymond Lee  –  Carson McLure, Senior Sales Associate

     Haley Magrill  –  Flyer

     Susan Morritt  –  I’ve Got The Sauce If You’ve Got The Pasta

     Mark Putzi  –  Another Day

     Gabrielle Rupert  –  Manik

     Polly Sharpe  –  No Place Like Home

     Laura Stanley  – Mrs Hawkins and The Orchard

     Judy Upton  –  The Lion

     Melissa Yi  –  My Two-Legs

Flash Fiction Longlist

     Hayley-Jenifer Brennan  – The Woman In Red Takes The Stand

     Georgia Cook  – A Stickler For Convention

     David Davies  – When The Noise Stopped

     Mary-Jane Harbottle  –  Gold Shoes, Wrong Feet

     Ryan Hays  –  See You Later

     Tim Kelleher  –  Boxed In

     Jennifer Shneiderman  –  Medium Well

     Sophia Zhang  –  1950s Washing Day

On October 1st, they will share the shortlist, then announce the winner on October 12th.

Best of luck, everyone, and keep writing!

Olo is the original golden retriever who inspired “My Two-Legs.” You could not ask for a better dog or find a bigger heart.