So Bullish asked me about my ideal workspace. Only I have at least three.


I had to do a fire safety course at CHEO. That red thing I’m wearing is a baby vest. I could transport 3 infants in front and 2 in the back!


Emergency Department

  • Cool patients
  • Fun colleagues
  • Learning-oriented environment
  • Money. No one wants to work for free. Unfortunately, this is at odds with a learning-oriented environment.
  • Close to home, although I did enjoy working with the Inuit.
  • Shifts that aren’t too long. Some doctors relish 12-24 h shifts. I am not one of them.


  • Innovative topics and styles. I’m the kind of person who generally won’t write the same story twice.
  • Money. Sadly for me, the way you cash in is generally build up an audience is by branding yourself and delivering a 100-book series. So I’m trying to consolidate a bit.
  • I’d really love to travel and incorporate different cultures into my writing.
  • I like the challenge of workshops and am looking forward to studying novels & business with Dave Farland in March and Kris Rusch in April this year. For the first time, I’m bringing my son to a workshop (March). Should be interesting.

Me, writing Max’s Magic Hat longhand when Max was 6 weeks old. I thought about not including this picture because it shows skin, but neither of us are R-rated, and it does illustrate how I like to write anytime, anywhere.


  • My kids are my life.
  • However, today I learned that Anastasia has mucoid serous otitis media with hearing loss, so I feel like that shoemaker whose kids have no shoes. This explains why I’m now sitting with her, watching Caillou (guilt).
  • My ideal work space for them would be more space: more time, more patience, more love.
Motherhood unite! Iris, Carolyn, Julie & me with two of our offspring.

Motherhood unite!
Iris, Carolyn, Julie & me with two of our offspring.

What’s your ideal work space? If you need any ideas, my Bullish colleagues have some suggestions. Cheers!