cute-snowy-owlGratuitous snowy owl photo, courtesy of

I’ve had a few websites.  The first, I made with templates so I had an owl border running along one side.  Classy.  The second, my hard-working friend/author/professor, Maggie Jaimeson made for me and the fierce writer & Red Bull drinker Michael Hiebert hosted it.   Then I made a site myself on iWeb so I could update it myself, but I used a free webhosting site smothered in ads.

I liked the look of some WordPress sites but didn’t know where to begin.  Then my friend, writer Patrick Alan, kindly shared a tutorial.

A few addictive hours later, I’m here.  Who knew you could change the look of your free website dozens of times with a simple click?

It’s so easy, I even made a quick website for my local yoga studio!  (Yes, I realize my name doesn’t show up on the links.  No, I don’t know how to fix it yet.)

Next task:  I’ll start moving over my Livejournal blogs, which are even more flambeed in ads.  Patrick pointed out, “there is an option to do that in the WordPress Dashboard.  On the left hand side, near the bottom is a section called ‘Tools’.  Click that open and select ‘Import’.  That should take you to a page that lets you connect to your LiveJournal account and bring over all your old posts from there.  I think it even tags them with the original date.”  And here I was manually importing them.  Live & learn from the masters.  Any more tips/suggestions, please share them.