I like Rien se perd, tout se crée. I’d seen them at the Salon des métiers d’arts (high end art & crafts exhibition) for the past two Decembers. They use organic cotton. They WEAVE THEIR OWN CLOTH (there’s a picture of a loom on the tag).


I loved this dress on the mannequin.

I love red.

I loved the diagonal skirt pattern. They had lots of vertical, but I prefer this.

Machine washable.

$74 instead of $149.


Note: they only had XS left for that dress. If you want the best selection, shop the Braderie early (opens Thursdays, with a VIP night on the Wed). If you want the best price, shop on Sunday at closing. Bring cash.

Also note that Matt has no eye for photography, and our house is full of junk, so I’m just going to crop these photos, despite the bad feng shui, and you’ll have to imagine how beautiful the clothes are. Sorry! Or just pop over here for better pics.

P.S. This is all fodder for my upcoming Cheap and Lovely Guide to Montreal, which at least my friend Julia is looking forward to. Yay, Julia!