Buy Local: The Review and the Fassifern General Store

It’s hard to explain how much I love the Review and Louise Sproule.

  1. Both of them offer smart, fine writing. They’re well-respected and grounded in the community.
  2. Louise and Jean Sarrazin have recorded the audiobook of The Most Unfeeling Doctor in the World, which we hope to release in the new year.
  3. Louise and I are plotting how to take over the world.

I’m looking forward to my new subscription. Plus, I may start writing for the Review in 2016!
Review staff reading Melissa Yuan-Innes (8)

And…this guy already got over 60 likes on my Facebook timeline. Yup, it’s Graham from the Fassifern General Store.


Graham, Jimmy, & the man who didn’t want Vaseline



I didn’t know if Graham’d carry some of my other books. He said, “We can do whatever you like.”
















I suggested we could take a selfie. Graham said, “I’ll get Jimmy to take the picture. If people come in, sell them something.”

I hovered uneasily behind the counter.

On cue, the gentleman on the right (I think maybe his name is Stephen) came in for some coffee. He balked at taking pictures or having his picture taken, until Graham said, “Come on, Campbell.”

“I just want some coffee. I don’t need that Vaseline there, though.”

I protested, “That’s my Vaseline. I’m buying locally for Christmas. Don’t you think that’s a good thing?”

“Depends what you’re using it for.”

I told Graham afterward, “You know, in a bigger store, no one would tease you about buying Vaseline.”

He beamed. “That’s right. Nothing like buying from an independent!”

Totally true. Nothing like it.

Bonus content

Vankleek FM interview with me. The Review printed an interview and an excerpt of Stockholm Syndrome.
Stockholm Review Article w- excerpt_016

Or download as a pdf: Stockholm Review Article w: excerpt_016