Which cover? The Italian School for Assassins, revisited.

AssassinsMelissa_Yi_6_fWhich one grabs you?

Which one shouts mystery, fun, romance, Italy, and badass Asian Canadian heroine to you?

Yes, I am revamping my covers with a terrific new graphic designer, Lisa.

I’m looking for as many diverse comments as possible, so I usually try not to say too much, but in case you were wondering…

Jessica votes for the orange. “I would read that,” she said. Twice.

Matt votes for green. He thinks it conveys the mystery better, because the orange could be a fantasy instead of a mystery/romance.

Either one is an improvement on the previous cover, but please cast your ballot!

I’m doing something different by posting it on my blog. Normally, I go directly to Facebook, because their algorithms favour a direct post. Let’s see if we can beat their algorithm! Yay!

It’s already available for sale as an e-book here. It’s on sale for $2.99 instead of the usual $5.99, so grab it now!

The print version is coming…


I love the Killer School mysteries. They’re a hilarious antidote to the finger-biting realism of the Hope Sze medical mysteries. Fingers crossed that new covers mean more people will discover V and Dario, fighting crime and falling in love around the world!