I ski, you ski, we all ski. For I ski



“Are you going skiing?” asked Max’s bus driver.

“No,” I scoffed automatically. My back hurt because of shift work, bad sleep, over-excitement over my book launch, and hunching over my computer while lying in bed. Then I stopped to think about it. I used to go cross-country skiing quite a lot when we moved to the country. Since our dog, Olo, died in 2009, and I had Anastasia in 2010, well…not so much skiing. In fact, none.

Kind of sad.

So I packed Anastasia off to Aly’s, her babysitter’s house.

See, she is unharmed

See, she is unharmed

I located my ski boots in the basement.

And off I glided in the snow.

(Previously-written post. Now we’re on March break, but planning to ski today!)