Terminally Ill + Kobo Top 50 = audio-visual extravaganza

Terminally Ill, the latest Hope Sze medical mystery, still stakes a claim to the Kobo Top 50 eBook site today.

In celebration, I’m posting a video I made on March 25th, when it clawed its way as high as #27 later in the evening. Video evidence of bestseller-dom. (And perhaps mental suicide, since I’m posting it to YouTube, where the trolls come to play.)

For all you audiophiles/CBC listeners, snakeyukin narrates the opening scene of Terminally Ill: Elvis the escape artist gets chained, nailed in a coffin, and tossed in the St. Lawrence River, and Dr. Sze saves his life.

Sound effects courtesy of Freesfx.

terminallyill_eBook_final with bleed and curlies

Public Service Announcement: Australia and New Zealand, you’re the only ones in the entire world who get a $2.99 sale on Terminally Ill, this weekend only.

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