Role Playing, Werewolf Style

After the creator of Role Pages sent me e-mail, I  decided to join up and see what happened at his role-playing site.

I don’t role play. My brother used to try and bribe me into doing Dungeons & Dragons (“C’mon, Mel, I’ll give you all 18’s”–so I’d be the most strong and powerful character around, you see). I also wandered into a Internet role-play once and ended up virtually locked in a bathroom with a guy, which made me shut down my entire computer.  But that was many moons ago, so I decided to try again, this time as Leila Fan, my 27 y.o. alter ego, the trash-talking Montreal eco-activist werewolf who stars in my novel, Wolf Ice.

I thought the RolePages site was beautiful, full of lovely women, striking men, and other creatures’ profiles.  As I set up my profile. I had to wonder if most people rp (look, I’m using the lingo) in order to hook up, since the first question was “Relationship status” and the second was “Romantic interests.” Since my real-life baby was in a mediocre mood, I answered in as few words as possible, although for the latter, I waxed eloquent, i.e. “intelligence, passion, generosity, creativity, humour and animal chemistry.” I realized that I left out stuff like gender and age, but figured that’s what rp-ing was all about, baby.

Immediately, I got messaged by someone who was “touched” by my profile and wanted to send me her pictures. Soon after, another woman interested in a “good friendship” also sent me her e-mail address, I assume with similar intentions. One guy said hi and offered to help me out, so I messaged him back.

I joined the Werewolf “world,” along with 184 other werewolves, but it was mostly one guy who obviously wanted to be the alpha saying, “We need to name the group!…No, not that!” I wandered over to the vampires, but they are an exclusive club for vamps only.

So far, I like the creativity of choosing your profile picture and the idea of creating a whole new self (the slogan is, “Where anyone is possible”). I’m sure this place is a rockin’ good time, if I just knew what I was doing. If anyone wants to point this newbie in the right direction, just shout out. Thanks!