The List: 24 hour chick lit giveaway

“What’s your number?” If they’re not asking for your coordinates, as they say in Montreal, they’re usually asking how many people you’ve slept with.

Well, what’s your imaginary number? By that, I mean, who are the people you wish you’d slept with?

In The List, Oona makes a list of all the guys she wished she’d had. And then she has them.

I’m giving away 100 free copies on LibraryThing in exchange for honest (but ideally, not malicious) reviews, and the giveaway ends tomorrow at 2:57 p.m.

Warning: this book contains sex and swearing. If you don’t like those things, do not enter.

the list cover 2014 interracial box

This book is difficult to market because it’s not clearly erotica. The sex comes later on. It starts off with Oona’s husband asking for an open marriage, so she has to kick him to the curb before she makes her List and feels confident enough to act on it. But it’s not a classic romance because, hey, three guys. (It’s not a long list, but a yummy one: the smokin’ yoga instructor, the childhood sweetheart turned cowboy/jazz musician, the ironic Jewish doctor. And she does act on all of them.) So you could call it women’s fiction, but those tend to be more serious. Oona is not serious. Oona is drinking vodka and hitting the the dance clubs and possibly, a dungeon. Ergo, perhaps chick lit is the closest fit.

Some folks think that buyers shy away from covers with black people on ’em. Let’s prove them wrong. For the record, Oona is from Montreal, with biracial roots, black and Chinese. Yep. She rocks.

To check if Oona’s your cup of tea (or shot of vodka), you can download the first chapter here. That’s also where you could just buy it in the e-format of your choice. Just sayin’.

For people who don’t like to download, I’ve also published the opening chapters on Wattpad. The third chapter was automatically rated R, I think just because of the swearing. No clothes come off. Yet.

So, if you wanna have fun, and R ratings don’t offend you, join The List giveaway today! Just page down to find it, or search for Melissa Yin, and enter your name sometime in the next 24 hours. Good luck!