Child Demons

The Cornwall Public Library was a perfect host for Family Day. Unfortunately, we were terrible guests.

Demon Anastasia

Demon Anastasia

On the drive home, I said to Max, “Should we have left during the movie, before Anastasia started freaking out?”

Max: No.

Anastasia: I fweaking out. I fweak out at the liberry. Ha ha!

You know when, among other things, library patrons are staring because your little kid is running the full length of the building and laughing, and your bigger kid is trying to catch her, and you end up having to sprint down the row of book stacks and carry her out bodily, holding on to her snow suit as she screams and tries to lunge back into the library?

Or maybe you don’t. Lucky you.



I shouldn’t grumble. I love my kids more than my own life. They’re not demons, they just play them on Hallowe’en and channel them periodically thereafter. Max minds us, albeit complaining the whole time, and Anastasia is starting to listen more. But it was one of those times that I kept my head down and hoped no one recognized me. You know what I mean?

Hallowe’en, Part I: Wolf Ice

My friend R.G. Hart wrote a Hallowe’en blog, thus inspiring me to write about Hallowe’en and my horror-flava-ed books.

This year, my son Max wants to be Superman.  Fingers crossed that there will be a suitable costume left in Cornwall by Friday. Last year, he was Batman.  Fortunately, our baby will just let us dress her up in anything.

I never had too much fun as a kid on Hallowe’en because my parents were too cheap to buy me a new costume.  I was a princess for, like, five years in a row. Ah, well.

My first featured book is not strictly about Hallowe’en, but it is about werewolves.  I’m a werewolf fan.  Team Jacob all the way.  Like my Bewere the Night bio states, I prefer werewolves (warm, furry) to vampires (cold, dead).

Wolf Ice

Wolf ice killed Leila’s best friend.  And now it’s stealing Leila’s self-control.

Wolf ice disinhibits werewolf brains:  it makes them act like animals.  Lusty, angry, hungry animals.

Wolf ice drives Leila straight into the arms (and on to other anatomical parts) of her ex-boyfriend.

Wolf ice could slay all Montreal wers–in fact, all wers around the world–unless Leila stops him.

Can she fight past the lust in order to save her species?

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