South Africa, medical-style

Leopard at Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre. Photo cannot be used for commercial purposes.

I am a terrible blogger. I LOVED South Africa, and finally achieving the dream of visiting the continent of Africa in general, but didn’t blog a word of it. Okay, I was in Africa, without Net access most of the time, but even so. Sigh.

Anyway, I did write an article for the Medical Post about it, so you can see what my priorities are (money, baby. It’s all about the money. And the fame). I will try and upload the pdf for you here: MP_June5_2012_Safari

Note: as all my Med Po pieces, it is written for doctors, and filled with jargon and in-jokes. I will eventually put together an e-book about my African adventures for regular people in regular language. Holla if you like the idea.