Terminally Illicit (book trailer for Terminally Ill)

This is my first book trailer incorporating a video. And not just any video, Pierre Carrillo portraying Elvis Serratore!

Who is Pierre Carrillo? He’s a Montreal balance artist who’s performed for Cirque du Soleil, now based in L.A. We ran into him during a street performance in August 2013.

I was struck by not only the jaw-dropping sight of him jumping, twisting, falling, leaping, and re-balancing, but the fact that he smiled genuinely the entire time.

Afterward, I asked him about using a picture for a book cover. But then I thought the video would be even cooler for the Terminally Ill trailer, and he kindly gave permission.

See, that’s what I love about Montreal. Creative randomness and generosity between artists. So no matter how much the hospitals crumble and streets shatter (remember the backhoe falling in a sinkhole?), I keep coming back.

Next date: Nuit Blanche Feb 28th. A Tribe Called Red is having a free all-ages show. Anyone want to join me? You can even win tickets to the whole event.