Quick & Dirty Guide to Investing, Part 2

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Now you understand the principles of investing. You feel comfortable jumping into the stock market, at least for a test run.

But where should you set up your account? Your bank or another firm?

What kind of accounts might you need, in Canada?

How can you minimize the capital gains tax?

What if you have a huge amount of cash to invest today. Should you go all-in and invest $100,000 at once, or should you add $10,000 a month for 10 months?

If you want to buy in US dollars, is there a way of saving on fees?

Does it matter if you have bonds in your RRSP vs. your corporate account?

Rebalancing. Why is this key?

I'll tackle these questions and more in this fun, relaxed get-together with other like-minded CPMG and CWP members.

I am not a financial advisor. I'm a doctor who believes in financial independence.
This is a beginner-friendly event Let's laugh and learn together

Recording link enclosed.

For each session, you may add an optional contribution to help keep the series going. You can send an etransfer any time to melissa.yuaninnes [at] gmail.com. Because knowledge is power.

Honestly, this is much simpler than medicine.

Yahoo! Let's talk money!

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