Quick & Dirty Guide to Investing, Part 1

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How to make your money work for you when you're busy, tired, and wish someone else would do it for you.

This is a recording of a fun, informative overview of how to invest in the stock market long term.

I am not a financial advisor. I'm a doctor who believes in financial independence. I'll explain the math behind index fund investments so that you feel confident making your own decisions with your own money.
This was a beginner-friendly event exclusive to CPMG and CWIM members, so attendants were able to relax with friends and colleagues as they learned.

For each session, you may add an optional contribution to help keep the series going. You can send an etransfer any time to melissa.yuaninnes [at] gmail.com. Because knowledge is power.

Please note that this is part 1.

Part 1) Where do I start? An overview of index investing in Canada

Part 2) What are the nuts and bolts? How and where to set up an account, what the heck is a TFSA RRSP, RESP, etc.

Part 3) How much money do I need so I don't die poor? Beyond the 4% rule

So come learn! Med school is harder than learning how to invest. You got this.

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