Tonight we had the honour to interview Sarah Cortez, co-editor of Indian Country Noir.  She used to be a full-time police officer, so of course I had to ask about that.  Then we moved on to her role as anthology editor, specifically for Indian Country Noir.  This is the first part of our video interview, with her answers to such questions as “What do you look for when you edit?” and “What percentage of stories did you accept?  Did you have any rewrite requests?”

Denise Callister Nielsen is an editor for Carina Press and a teacher at St. Lawrence College.  She included my Indian Country Noir story, “Indian Time,” as part of her course, “Enjoying the Short Story.  I’ll do a local author appearance at her class on March 25th (yay)!  She’s the blonde and I’m the brunette in the video.

Mucho apologies for the poor quality of the AV equipment, but Sarah couldn’t do webchat, so it’s us talking to a speakerphone and videoing ourselves in poor lighting with the camera shutting down every ten minutes.  Don’t worry about the kid noise in the background.  No children were harmed in the making of these videos.

Introduction & cop talk

Sarah speaking as a writer and editor