Wolf Ice
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Genres: Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Thriller
ISBN: 9781927341018

Wolf ice killed Leila's best friend. And now it's stealing Leila's self-control. A new werewolf bait drives her straight into the arms (and on to other anatomical parts) of her sizzling ex-boyfriend while other wers battle for their survival. Can she fight past the lust in order to save her species?

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About the Book

Wolf ice killed Leila’s best friend.
Now it’s stealing Leila’s self-control.

Leila Fan picks the perfect haven for her pack of Montreal werewolves, a campground by an Ontario river that seems perfectly peaceful—until someone murders her best friend.

Leila joins forces with her infuriatingly delicious ex-boyfriend, paramedic Jack Meng, to track down the cold-blooded killer.

This killer uses a drug named wolf ice to kill werewolves, and werewolves alone.

Wolf ice disinhibits werewolf brains. It makes them act like animals. Lusty, angry, hungry animals.

Wolf ice drives Leila straight into Jack’s arms—and other anatomical parts.

It drives other werewolves to kill.

Wolf ice endangers every werewolf on the planet, unless Leila stops the mastermind behind it.

Can Leila save her species without losing her life to a murderer, or her heart to Jack?


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Detective drama with bite…Wolf Ice puts a new spin on the current fascination with CSI shows by inviting us into a hair-raising adventure.“—Derek Newman-Stille, SpeculatingCanada.ca

“It’s fantastic!—Ludvica, paranormal romance fan


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