The Goa Yoga School of Slayers
Authors: ,
Series: Killer School mysteries, Book 2
Genres: Chick lit, Humour, Mystery
ISBN: 9781927341377

All Octavia “V” Ling wants for the holidays? Inner peace and a piece of the sizzling spy named Dario.
Since gingerbread men will dance the cha cha before Dario swears his undying devotion, V jets off to Goa, India, ready to rock the handstands with a yogini named Raven.
Only Raven disappears.
So V befriends an elephant and his mahout. They vanish in the middle of V's first yoga class.
Just in time for Dario to materialize on the ashram doorstep.
Did the Yoga Love School transform into the Yoga Leaving School? Or will Octavia and Dario uncover far more dastardly machinations, deep in the incense-burning, paan-spitting, curry-scented recesses of Mother India?
Spies! Lies! Yoga! Elephants! And the two people who might save them all: V, the lovesick Canadian civil servant, and Dario, the man of mystery.
The Goa Yoga School of Slayers. The hilarious, pulse-pounding sequel to The Italian School for Assassins.

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