Graveyard Shift

Work all night. Keep one eye open. Murder is coming.

Drugs. Alcohol. Violence. Chaos.

All in a night’s work for Dr. Hope Sze, aspiring Montreal emergency physician—until someone tries to strangle her with her own stethoscope.

Then Hope’s lover disappears.

A second woman barely escapes throttling before her beloved vanishes too.

Hope slogs through the pneumonia and hemorrhoid patients cramming the ER while a psychopath stalks the empty, post-midnight hallways of St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Waiting. Waiting patiently.

Until everything explodes.

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Series: Hope Sze medical mystery
Genres: Hope Sze, Medical, Medical mystery, Mystery, Thriller
Tags: Hope Sze, medical mystery, Recommended Books
Publisher: Windtree Press
Publication Year: 2019
ISBN: 9781927341773
List Price: 19.99
eBook Price: 5.99
“Worst. Night. Shift. Ever. That’s the premise behind Graveyard Shift, and once again Yi proves herself a masterful storyteller as she takes us on another adventure with the ever-so-human Dr. Hope Sze….Action-packed, witty, and whip-smart…filled with twists, turns, and plenty of humour, this is one killer emergency room, but don’t worry—you’ll be turning the pages so fast, you’ll be out of there before you've finished your second cup of very bad coffee.”
"Ms. Yi has crafted another compelling story filled with suspense, murder, and emergency room drama. Captivated from the start, I read the entire book in one sitting. Days later, I continue to shake my head in amazement at the many unexpected twists and turns in this well-plotted, character-driven novel. It’s official—I’m now a fan of the Hope Sze Medical Mystery series and hope that Ms. Yi will deliver the next installment ASAP."
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