Fifty Shades of Grey’s Anatomy: The Unfeeling Doctor’s fresh confessions from the emergency room
Genre: Medical humour
ASIN: 1927341469
ISBN: 9781927341247

True tales from the emergency room, with a twist.
Just like Grey’s Anatomy, medicine with a little bit of sex.
And, like Fifty Shades of Grey, a tiny bit of torture.
Note: as an emergency doctor, I’m talking medicine spiced with G-rated sex. If patients wander into to the ER after sexual congress, something’s gone awry. I, personally, don’t mix sex and work. Other people may run around with whips and chains and red rooms of pain, but I’m a (cough) professional. As in, a medical professional. So please don’t think this book will get you off. Mostly, I’m writing about life in the emergency lane. I just like the title mash-up.
As for the torture, after you graduate, the infamous long hours and abusive staff mutate into different forms, especially for a female doctor. You trade up for problems. As you shall see.
Anything’s possible in the emergency room.
Come on in.
Oh, wait, that sounds bad, if there’s even a whiff of sex. How about…
Enter if you dare.
Shoot, that could be a come-on too. Never mind.
Want a snapshot of a world in free-fall? Turn the page.

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About the Book

Steve & Sally yukking it up.

“I liked it a lot! I was laughing out loud in the staff room on supper!! One story in particular….did you hear me say something about a broken woohoo?? Loved it, can’t wait to read next one.”—Angel, Emergency Room Assistant

“Who broke their woohoo??? I need reading time!!!”—Tracy, Respiratory Therapist

“I started reading it in the break room. I laughed so hard.” —Nat, nurse
“So funny.” —Rob, nurse

“This is hilarious! Do you actually know this doctor?” —Rob’s mom. Her favourite story: the man from the Glengarry Highland Games.

“I read it in one day. I liked it. I couldn’t believe some of the stuff you were saying in it.”—Melissa, nurse

“I think I recognized a nurse. And I remember that man with the…false teeth.”—Lucie, unit coordinator

Hiking back to car
Mark: How’s it feel not being at work
Karen-Ann, RN: Awesome!
Mark: You realize you just read a book about work.
Karen-Ann: lol..yA ..and I loved every minute!

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Fifty Shades of approval: Geoff, Bev & Kevin

Fifty Shades of approval: Geoff, Bev & Kevin

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